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Firstly what is needed is a Bricklink account. Click here to visit the website and sign up.
(Bricklink is a lego marketplace and a huge catalog of lego parts and sets. It's free to sign up and is a very useful tool for lego fans.)

1. Click on Want (Heart shape top right corner)
2. Click the Upload tab (Dark grey bar), this will display the page above.
3. Click the button on the right (Upload Bricklink XML Format)
4. Choose a wanted list to add to. (I would recommend creating a new one, which you can name in the box to the right.)

5. Click on any (Bricklink wanted list data) link from any instructions page. The link should open in a new page and look like the image above.
6. Select all of the text and copy.

7. Paste the text from the link into the box on the right.
8. Click on Verify Items.

9. The page should now load up with all the parts for you to review. You can change the condition you want (Some older parts like boat weights are better set to used or any). You can also change the quantity if you want more, or mark what you already have in the (Qty Filled) boxes. Also you can add a max price per part.
10. When finished, go to the bottom of the page and click (Add wanted list).

After your wanted list is created you can change quantities and colours etc. I recommend browsing the site and getting used to it, as it can seem quite complicated at first. I also recommend reading stores/sellers feedback, as it's similar to ebay where you get some excellent sellers and the odd not so good sellers. 

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